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Sanshu Inu Finance

A community-focused decentralized transaction network

SANSHU is fully decentralized, and all decisions are made by the community.

Sanshu Finance is available on


We are a part of the newly emerging Inu family!

Thanks to the massive success of DOGE, several new spiritual successors have been released with inspiration from the classic memecoin itself! SANSHU is one of the newest of the bunch, and we have lots of unique features to offer!


A fully deflationary token that burns and redistributes tokens on every single transaction

$SANSHU’s deflationary mechanisms include a burn and redistribution system. 1% of each transaction is burned, and 1% is distributed as rewards to holders.


Why choose us? Sanshu is fully decentralized, had a fair launch and an exciting roadmap.


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So much to offer

Our features on point

Token Burn

We burnt 58%+ of the total token supply. Check for yourself on Etherscan. Don't trust, verify!


You get what you deserve. 1% of each transaction is redistributed among the holders. Enjoy holding your $SANSHU!

Fair Launch

We have made a fair launch and there are no team tokens. Luckily, no manipulation, no whales. Just the sound of a growing community.

Community Focus

We aim to include the community in order to make decision for all. If the community has a benefit, we're happy. Together we grow.

Flexible Management

Undoubtly, we have a straight and delicious roadmap. While achieving those goals, we stay flexible and adapt to community suggestions.

Because future is bright

Our Dog Walk (Q2/2021)


Token Fair Launch

SANSHU erc20 token available at UNISWAP DEX
Initial Liquidity provided


100% of LP tokens sent to Vitaliks wallet

56% of all tokens BURNED
*including whole dev wallet UNRUGGABLE


Initial marketing plans are in work

Influencers are on board

Community contribution & promotion contests

Coin Gecko Listing

Application applied

Pending for approval any day

Website Rework

Complete refurbished v2 version of website SANSHUINU.FINANCE

Smart Contract Audit

We have successfully run an audit for our Smart Contract. See the results here.

Marketing Expansion

We plan to reach out to most influential accounts in social media crypto space

TikTok | Instagram | YouTube

Reward Strategies

As our community is growing exponentially Community Rewards are being planned and slowly implemented

CoinMarketCap and Coingecko Listing

We are aiming to be listed soon on the top cryptocurrency sites such as Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

Launch Dog Park

What is a lonely dog? A sad dog, obviously. So therefore we'll be launching our Dog Park with Yield Farming. Stay tuned!

Are you ready to go out with the dog and get started now with Sanshu Inu Finance?

Get Sanshu in 4 Steps

How to buy Sanshuinu?

1. Step: Install Metamask for Chrome

Go to Metamask (click here) and install the Chrome extension. Follow their steps from the guide and finish the setup.

2. Step: Send ETH to Metamask

Once you have setup metamask, you can send ETH from an exchange like Kraken, Coinbase or Binance to your Metamask address.

3. Step: Connect to Uniswap

Go to and click the "Use Uniswap" button. When Metamask asks for your signature, go ahead and sign it.

4. Step: Swap your ETH for Sanshuinu

Now you can swap your ETH for Sanshuinu. Set your slippage to 5-7% and buy an event amonunt of $Sanshu. Click on the Swap Button to finalize your trade. Make sure to set fast transaction speed in Metamask.

Our Smart Contracts have been fully audited by

Contribute to our success

Community Marketing Fund

We are a fully decentralized, community-powered project.

Thanks to our amazing community, generous contributors, and thoughtful volunteers, we are able to further establish, develop and grow Sanshu globally.

Contributions of any size are welcome, very much appreciated, and will position us to leverage the resources necessary to fuel our growth!


Accepted: Any ERC20 token